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A Lost Trade…

“Intentions is a trade of scholars.”

What do you do when you realize that most of the deeds you did probably had the correct intention to be valid but they were not correct enough to be accepted by Allah SWT?

Sounds scary?

It is. Very.

So basically in your head you are all happy that you have been amassing good deeds but in reality they are equivalent to nothing in the Sight of Allah SWT.

I highly recommend everyone to listen to the 4 recorded classes here on the topic of intention. I have only two words for the information I somewhat gathered: life-changing.

No wonder our time, our health, our efforts lack barakah. We have everything to save our time but still not enough time. SubhanAllah. We have the finest of wedding ceremonies but no real tranquility in marriages. We have everything but no real happiness and peace. Some of the most ‘practising’ of people complain of depression. Allahul Mustaa’n.

I used to wonder how the scholars of the past had so much time to write volumes upon volumes, teach, study AND take care of their own souls.

Sincerity is the key to everything khayr that you seek of this Dunia and Akhira. And a small good deed with lots of good intentions can be a source of much khayr vs. a great good deed without the right intention.

May Allah SWT make us obscure amongst people but prominent in the Sight of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT make us popular amongst the Angels and all the Heavenly Creations due to our piety. May Allah SWT help us recover our lost deeds by extending our lives and giving us the Tawfeeq to utilize our time to do acts which are accepted by Him.Ameen.

According to the Ustadh, those good deeds empty of correct intentions will be lost forever…there’s no possibility of recovering those specific deeds! Alhamdolilah we are still alive. We can still set things right by doing more good deeds with proper intentions inshaa’Allah. And Allah SWT knows best!

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