Why are you doing it?

Makhûl (may Allâh have mercy on him) said,

“A slave has never been sincere for 40 days except that the springs of wisdom from his heart became apparent upon his tongue.”

[Madârij as-Sâlikîn (2/92)]


Abû Sulaymân ad-Dârânî said,

“If a slave is sincere, waswâs and riyâ’ will be cut-off from him.”

[Madârij as-Sâlikîn (2/92)]


It is reported that the son of Al-Fudayl b. ‘Ayyâd – Allâh have mercy on him – said to his father:

“Father! How sweet (beautiful) the speech of the Companions is!”

[Al-Fudayl] said, “Son, do you know why it was so sweet?”

He replied, “No father, I do not.”

He said, “Because they sought Allâh the Exalted when they spoke.

[Al-Bayhaqî, Shu’ab Al-îmân 2:299]


Sources: Al Hanbali, Sayings of the Salaf


2 comments on “Why are you doing it?

  1. Jazakillahu Khair for the post..

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