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‘The Niqaab & Hijaab’ by Ustadh Alomgir Ali

Lectures here. Phenomenal evidence, mashaa’Allah.

If you can’t listen to the 2 lectures right away, at least listen to the last 10 minutes of the first one…beautiful ending subhanAllah! You will be inspired to wear hijab guaranteed inshaa’Allah if that’s something you’re struggling with. Don’t you want a jewel of Eeman which Allah SWT has promised? Don’t understand what I’m saying? Listen to the lecture inshaa’Allah! :)

Request: Like my beloved sister Omm al Muqarraboon always reminds in her posts and I follow her Sunnah, please lower your gaze since it’s obviously a male speaker. Open up a new tab or whatever but fear Allah SWT as much as you can inshaa’Allah. Trust me, it’ll help you tons with your Eeman and your intangible hijaab. Often times, we sisters don’t really give it much thought which alhamdolilah shows that our hearts are clean inshaa’Allah. At the same time, please do not forget that the command  to lower the gaze in the Quraan is for both genders so let’s not try to skate on thin ice when it comes to Allah SWT’s Commands…and let’s be as safe as possible inshaa’Allah. And Allah SWT knows best.

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