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PsycToday: ‘The Trouble with Bright Girls’

In my personal experience, analyzing myself and meeting so many sisters, I think we as a gender do underestimate ourselves. Underestimation is fine if  it keeps your ego/pride in check and you use it as a tool to work harder. However, with us, it affects our self-esteem and thus  decreases our performance and productivity in areas which Allah SWT has created us to naturally excel in.  It affects our ‘Ibadaat negatively and makes us vulnerable to negative emotions and thus be an easy prey for Shayateen…and some Shayateenistic movements.

Keeping a healthy Muslim perspective in mind before one approaches any info from non-Muslim sources, the following article throws some light on how gender-specific behaviour with young children can affect their ability to accept challenges in life.  (A disclaimer: I don’t think there’s any individual on the face of this earth who’s not ‘bright’. Everyone has their own definition and my definition does not match with that of the writer of the article.)

The Trouble with Bright Girls

And Allah SWT knows best.


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