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Recommendations by Sh. and Dr. ‘Abdullah Hakim Quick

The above inscription is found in the architecture, on the walls in Al Hamra Palace, Granada, Spain.


Recommendations are in regards to educate oneself correctly about the Islamic History in Africa, Andalus and the Americas. Phenomenal research done by him, mashaa’Allah. His personal website can be found here.

Books For Adults

Books For Young Children

Shaykh ‘Abdullah repeatedly emphasized that children of today must be home-schooled to prevent them from being brainwashed. It does not matter whether they grow up in a Muslim/non-Muslim country, the curricula come from the same headquarters with the same agenda. For those sisters living in Canada, he recommended Toronto Muslim Homeschoolers, an organization led by his daughter and if you wish to connect with her, you can contact her yourself OR contact Shaykh ‘Abdullah on his email address and he’ll connect you with her inshaa’Allah. When approached by over enthusiastic sisters who wanted to help out with integration of Islamic and secular curricula, he said Yusuf Islam has already begun work with a group of educators under the organization called IBERR.

Dr. ‘Abdullah mentioned Susan Douglass so here are a few books authored by her:

Other books

Short Booklets he has authored:

Documentaries he recommended:


Enlighten the Ummah

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