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Alhamdolilah for Several Realizations

Alhamdolilah for re-gaining inner calm after a month which had me and my thoughts all over the place. Alhamdolilah for the tea I can enjoy without being upset about things out of my control. Alhamdolilah for the inspiration that I get from the Quraan. Alhamdolilah for the quiet that surrounds me, I can think without being disturbed. I pray it envelopes my inner being completely so that I can block all the background noises and concentrate solely on Allah SWT in my every act and be of use and not be a burden to this Earth. Alhamdolilah for reaching a state of mental maturity that I may not be always as strong as I think or claim I am. And alhamdolilah for reaching a level of confidence that regardless of how strong/weak I am, Allah SWT will eventually save me from my weaknesses by guiding my soul to that which it should essentially find peace and comfort in, provided that I seek means of guidance. Although my soul has started to nag me more (and it is ever so difficult to be at peace with it), I have also realized that as I master being patient with others, lack of patience with myself is going to be detrimental to my patience with others and thus my general level of optimism. Therefore, being patient with myself  is paramount to my productivity. It is in turn paramount to my successful tazkiyah which is a process I eventually must go through to reach what I wish to reach in this Dunia and Akhira. There are so many Muslims who are doing so much for the sake of Allah SWT with not many resources. On the basis of this realization, I’ve come to the conclusion that  after being blessed with so much, if I still waste my time in useless pursuits and only thinking thoughts that lack action then I’m not only wasting my time but time and resources of the entire Ummah who could’ve benefitted from the blessings I’ve been granted. Alhamdolilah for reaching this self-awareness before death.

I and everyone including the reader is in a continuous state of loss unless we have: (1) believed AND (2)are engaged in righteous deeds AND (3) are urging others in promoting good and forbidding evil AND (4) are are engaged in leaving a legacy of promoting patience in the path of Allah SWT whatever the course of life may be. May Allah SWT help us achieve these noble objectives of life.Ameen.

It is only through Islam, an ignorant person can be saved, therefore:

الحمدالله على نعمة الإسلام

Enlighten the Ummah

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