A Wake-up Call for the Ummah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

There was once a quote shared on my blog regarding Imam Sufyan ath-Thawree(R) talking about levels of knowledge and the highest being that you feel that you don’t know anything. But people like me who’ve spent years on-end focussing on education not directly related to Islam (except the general books taught at school in Islamic Studies) feel that they have so much to learn because time’s running out and we certainly don’t get any younger with the passing years. It’s a difficult thought to accept and digest since I feel I am still in the phase of getting my essentials right and most of the time I have to struggle to do even that properly. How am I possibly going to reach where I wish to reach one day before I die? If taken positively, it is a very humbling thought. It makes you bend towards the Lord of All Knowledge and makes you turn to Him for Help when you initially thought that as long as you had a book, you could nail it with a bit of hardwork.

I feel like the words of Sh. Haitham in the following talk were like spears that struck my wounded heart. You know how you get hit by the side of the bed on the same part of your knee over and over again? Not being melodramatic here but I really do share the same feeling like Sh. Haitham. It is true that today like him I regret a lot of time lost years back or even a year ago. SubhanAllah, we can’t even comprehend the intensity of our regret on the day of Judgement. It is only the thought of that possible regret that pushes me. I know I have this feeling in my heart that makes me strive for His Pleasure and I know all of us do but what is that stops us/distracts us from striving so hard? Let’s remove those distractions or detach ourselves from them in order to set things right by the Permission of Allah SWT.

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