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Wrong Priorities & Distracted Hearts

I would like to say that you people ask us to teach. You say, “come back to the West and share that knowledge that Allaah has blessed you all with.” But when we come back we mostly get emotional support. And even in that, everytime some scandal comes wherein we are being tested many of you all leave us flat. You want us to sacrifice but you are not willing to even be bothered. You ask us to teach class and you only come half of the time or don’t even prepare. This has to change. The Prophet said that knowledge will disappear through the disappearance of the people of knowledge. Those possessing authenic old-fashioned Islaamic training and cultivation are rare in the world today and even rarer in the West. Get it before its gone.


Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. 

Allahuma ajarni fee muSeebati wakhluf khayran minha.

Ya Rabb, hasten the release of Ustadh, protect his honor from the slanderers amongst the Muslims and non-Muslims, protect his intellect and Eeman. Ya Ra’oof, have mercy on him and his family and don’t leave them alone in their most challenging times of their lives. Please give them glad tidings of a beautiful place in Jannah in their life! And make us the protectors of Your Deen, of our teachers of our brothers’  & sisters’ honor! Indeed only You Alone are the Source of all Help, Mercy and Strength.



Please make duaa for all brothers and sisters in a similar dilemma. You may see several people smiling but you may never know what pain they and their households are going through at the hands of the ignorant and the oppressors whether in the East or the West. And Allah SWT knows best.


Enlighten the Ummah

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