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How will Quraan become a Cure for YOU? [inshaa’Allah]

He, Mighty and Majestic, has said,

“Do they not then ponder the Qur’an deeply? Were it from other than Allah, they would surely have found in it much contradiction!”

[an Nisaa, 4:82]


Muhammad b. al-Husayn said:

Do you not see — may Allah have mercy upon you! – your Generous Master, how He encourages His creation to ponder His Speech deeply?

Whoever ponders His Speech deeply, recognises the Lord, Mighty and Majestic; recognises the Magnificence of His Authority and Power; recognises the Magnificence of His Grace upon the Believers; and recognises what is due upon him of the obligation of worshipping Him. Thus, he imposes upon himself to adhere to the duty, is wary of that which his Generous Master has warned him against, and desires that which He has encouraged.

So whoever has these qualities when reciting the Qur’an and listening to it from others, the Qur’an is for him a Cure: thus he becomes rich without wealth, becomes honoured without relatives, and finds solace where others have anxiety. His concern when he begins reciting a surah is, “When will I be admonished by what I recite?” His objective is not, “When will I complete the surah?” Rather, his objective is, “When will I understand from Allah, Mighty and Majestic, His address? When will I restrain myself? When will I learn a lesson?” This is because the recitation of the Qur’an is an act of worship, and thus cannot be done with heedlessness, and Allah is the One who grants Capability for that.

[The Character of the People of Quraan’ by Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad b. al-Husayn al-Ajurri, pp. 13]

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