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‘The Keys to Our Dream’ by Br. T. Mehanna

(In the Name of Allah)

I walked by our dream and was saddened to find

Tears filling her eyes with a look quite resigned.

She sat in the jail where we left her behind

Trapped behind the bars of a colonized mind.


I stood and wondered how I could set her free

So I asked if she knew where they’d hidden the key.

She wiped away tears and looked over at me

With pity that I assumed it would be so easy!


She said: “Buried inside pages of distant past

With a heritage of lions, so rich and so vast

You’ll find the key with Sumayyah, when to faith she held fast

As they speared her chastity, and she breathed her last.


And it’s the finger of Bilal, the heroic black slave,

The sign of Tawhid that in their faces he’d wave

As he lay tied down in a hot desert grave

Their harming of him made him all the more brave.


And it’s the pledge of ‘Ikrimah, enemy turned warrior

Who changed his life to make the truth superior.

Khalid himself could not hold him back from more

When his pledge at Yarmuk left the Romans so sore.


It is the back with shredded flesh and torn skin

Of Ahmad bin Hambal, who refused to give in.

He answered their whips with the truth and a grin

To protect our religion, he would not let them win.


And it is the bittersweet dust of the land of Hittin,

That once engulfed the knights of Salah ad-Din

From the filth of dishonor, he made that dust clean

And for the respect of the world did he set the scene.


It was the rope around the neck of the desert’s lion

‘Umar Mukhatar, who would bow down to no Italian.

Refusing to live in a state of humiliation

His chin high to the end, with no fear of the Creation.


The rope was passed on to Sayyid’s waiting head

With one last chance for him to be spared from this dread.

And from the choicest fruits, they promised he would be fed

But his index finger led him to another door instead.


The same finger that pointed up as Malcolm X lay still

Ending a life of honor, that was one struggle uphill.

He left a life of crime, transforming himself until

He spoke bitter truth with eloquence and skill…”


She sat in the jail where we left her behind

Indeed this key will be difficult to find

But it is you if you refuse to be blind

And decide to free yourself from the colonized mind.


Poem written by Tarek Mehanna

27th of Dhu al-Hijjah 1430

(14th of December 2009)

In the hours before Fajr; in the traces of the pale floodlights shining into my cell.

Plymouth County Correctional Facility, Isolation Unit.

via Kalamullah


The whole world is set up on the basis of Tawheed. His Love, Mercy, Protection and Justice transcend to us because of Tawheed. The Heavens are held by Tawheed without any Pillars. And if we could only live on the basis of Tawheed, fulfilling its conditions, harmony would be restored within us and around us.

And Allah SWT knows best.


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