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Alhamdolilah for being able to…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

…instill hope in people by His Help.

SubhanAllah, I always wanted me and everything related to me (my lifestory) to be Islamically  exceptional, inspirational and a good truthful example for others in order that people may be connected back to Allah SWT. I hope I can make that a reality inshaa’Allah.

How amazing is the feeling when you tell someone about an incident in your life and people respond that it gave them hope almost immediately and several times?! That they say SubhanAllah so many times while listening to it that you yourself get goosebumps! Is there a feeling better than people realizing His Greatness through your story? That He SWT is the One from whom we should never be disappointed of! Ya Allah, don’t make me of those who deny your blessings after being shown your blessings!

Even though being patient is difficult, and even though you know for sure you’ll get the reward for it in the Akhirah  as mentioned in the Quraan (some conditions apply) but do you know what? The reward for patience begins in this dunia itself so much so that you forget all the sadness and loneliness that you faced previously. You forget the hurt caused by people. You forget the humiliation. You forget the helplessness. It’s like that one tiny dunia-related reward deletes all the pain that came before it. Almost like it wipes it out! SubhanAllah. The contentment that comes with it is so large in its volume that it is almost scary that you’ll get all the reward in this dunia and one would hope that Allah SWT saves some for you in Akhira too!

As exciting as this all is because you finally feel you’ve been of benefit to others…blessings are tests and I hope I pass the tests which are waiting for me.

It is only and soley good hopes in Allah SWT which will help you in the most challenging of your times and interestingly, if you deem Him to be Merciful, you will find Him to be Merciful for He gives you from Him what you expect of Him! I’ve never been a greater believer of Him and His Beautiful Names & Attributes!

So a praise from the bottom of my heart (in hopes that people will be reminded to reflect over their lives and praise Him too):

RaDeetu billahi rabbow’n wa bil islami deena wa bi Muhammad salalahu ‘alayhi wasalama nabeeya! SubhanAllahi wabihamdihi ‘adada khalqihi wa Reda nafsihi wa zinata ‘arshihi wa midada kalimatih!

And Allah SWT knows best!

Ya Wahhab, You’re the One who Gives! Ya Haafidh, You’re the One who Preserves & Protects. Ya Rahman, protect all what you’ve given me and are going to give me and let me not forget Your Mercy upon me in ease and difficulty. Ya Mu’ti, grant me the opportunity to praise You in the Most Beautiful Manner in smaller and bigger assemblies of insaan. malaa’ika and jinn… for your Sake Alone…for You are the One who Gives knowledge and hikmah and it is Only Your Pleasure I wish to reach.


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