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Alhamdolilah for being alive…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

…for yet another Spring!

It is a little difficult to get adjusted to the warmer weather since I live in a city where it snows 8-9 months a year. I feel more comfortable in -48 degrees Celsius as compared to 20+ degrees Celsius. But the most amazing thing about Spring is finally getting to hear young children playing in the neighbourhood. The sun’s out till 9pm and one gets to hear excited long-distance chirping of birds and children; the latter of which are busy playing basketball, others learning how to ride a bike with their fathers. It’s almost as if the world comes to life once again after months of silence. You hear people happily conversing right under your window and very soon everyone is going to start their BBQ-ing and the Ice-cream man’s van is going to start visiting our neighbourhood with the van’s familiar tune.

I think the best part about Spring is seeing this beautiful colour of lush green everywhere after ages and secretly spotting butterflies in your backyard. What’s even more fun is chasing them with toddlers who can barely walk but laugh with all their heart as they stumble and fall in their chase. In fact, they even get excited to see bumble bees and chase them too as if they could catch up with them eventually or will start flying themselves! Altogether, it’s a precious experience and one would think that nothing in the world could top that.

But that’s far from the truth.

Sh. Abu ‘Eesa once said that we are  not humans having a spiritual experience but rather we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Therefore, no matter how amazing some moments of life are, they are limited because they are at a level of this dunia and at the level of us being limited and so very human. We can’t even perceive true happiness as Allah SWT describes Jannah as being something that no eye has ever seen. Although the feelings of security and joy one would feel in Jannah are ‘un-feelable’, there are few instances of those feelings no matter how infinitely small in degree, that exist within this dunia.

When you learn about Allah SWT and His Words, it’s even more beautiful and precious than a fully sprung Spring with your most favourite people. It’s heart-warming and exhilarating, both, at the same time. That’s the real kind of happiness contained in this limited dunia. A glimpse perhaps of what peace is really like when within the depths of your heart you’re at unease at the rampant injustice to those whom you care about. The hurt. The fear. The million things your heart battles with almost every day.

Yes amidst all that physical and emotional insecurity, security exists in spirituality, i.e. through His Remembrance, His Dhikr in the manner prescribed in the authentic Sunnah.

That’s the ‘Spring’ I seek. The scary reality is that to be able to enjoy that Spring of His Remembrance regularly, one has to go through deprivation of Springs of this Dunia. One has to face some serious struggles. May Allah SWT forgive us and make us steadfast in our Deen. Ameen!

For every Ni’ma we shall be asked about.

Alhamdolilah not only for being alive with good health…

…alhamdolilah for being alive as a Muslim who knows what the Quraan is!


O Allah don’t let our blessings be a source of regret and punishment in our dunia and Akhira! And bless us with more of whatever halal we desire so that we can worship you better and more enthusiastically. Ya Rabb help us reform ourselves because we are full of nasty habits! Ya Rahmaan, to You Only we can turn in need and To You Only we can exhibit our private wishes and concerns.



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