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‘Ulema: “Divide your time into 3 Parts…” – Sh. Musleh Khan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Scholars have said that divide your time into 3 parts:

1. Personal time: groceries, shopping, daily chores & responsibilities.

2. People time: time to accept invitations, socialize, be with family. Don’t seclude yourself, it is not within Islam to do so.

3. Religion time: time where it is you and Allah SWT. The best times according to the ‘Ulema is right after Fajr or after ‘Ishaa. For example, if you haven’t read the Quraan, you can do it in this time. If you haven’t finished your studying (reviewing), you do that in this time too including the private worship. After all the essence of ‘Ibadah is that it is done in seclusion.

[Personal Note: it seems that it is not necessary that these 3 parts are divided equally. Allahu ‘Alam. By the power of intention, everything can be converted into ‘Ibadah inshaa’Allah.]

-OUC, May 2012


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