For 20 years?

وقال سفيان الثوري: كان الرجل إذا أراد أن يكتب الحديث تأدب وتعبد قبل ذلك بعشرين سنة

Sufyân Al-Thawrî (R):

“A man who wanted to write hadîth would [learn] manners and worship for twenty years before starting.”

[Abû Nu’aym, Hilyatu Al-Awliya, 6:361]


Lack of manners despite having knowledge is the most despicable thing in a person. Good manners plough the heart to make way for the seeds of knowledge to be placed. But terrible manners burn the trees of knowledge planted in one’s heart one by one without one realizing.

May Allah SWT protect everyone from my shortcomings in my manners, provide me opportunities to learn about mannerisms and protect me from everyone’s lack of manners. Ameen!

4 comments on “For 20 years?

  1. I am sure you don’t mind if we share this on MuslimManners.com

    Jazakallah khayr Wa salaam.

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