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**June** Blogger’s Self-Challenge: Pre-Ramadan Spirituality (Cardio-Qalb) Work-Out Plan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalamaoalaykum warahmatullah,

Last month’s challenge can be viewed here.

Ramadan’s drawing so near mashaa’Allah. I pray that Allah SWT bless us with health and istiqamah to fast this Ramadan with excellence inshaa’Allah.

I have a major sleep issue. Not that I require 8 hours sleep but of late I think I’ve become a little lazy. I just like to linger in bed even though I know I’m awake or prefer sleeping after Fajr even though I know I can make it till Shuruq. Waking up until sunrise is the best thing one can do for one’s soul and Rizq. But as you know with all good habits, you just need a day or two to get you out of routine. Sadly, I’m out of routine because I allowed myself to sleep after Fajr for a few days  thinking it will energize me.

It didn’t.

I know very clearly now that anything that is not in line with Sunnah will not really be of any benefit to me or any Muslim!

This brings me to my personal challenge for the month which will make my Ramadan easier inshaa’Allah.

This month’s challenge is: to not to sleep soon after Fajr even if every cell of my body is luring me into it. It should not matter what time I sleep at night or whether I get a night’s sleep at all.

Please note that it is not prohibited to sleep after Fajr. For me sleeping after Fajr:

  • just takes away time from a day that I could’ve used productively
  • makes me even more tired
  • forces me to compromise and cut out activities healthy for my body
  • effaces my day of barakah (I can feel it)
  • pushes me to do my Adhkaar in a turbo-speed and head for bed thus miss the reward for staying up until sunrise

Motivation to Stay up after praying Fajr

  • It’s Sunnah: The practice of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his Companions after praying Fajr was to remain sitting in the place where they had prayed until the sun rose, as is reported in Saheeh Muslim (1/463) in the hadeeth of Sammaak ibn Harb, who said: “I asked Jaabir ibn Samurah, ‘Did you used to sit with the Messenger of Allaah?’ He said, ‘Yes, frequently. He would not get up from the place where he had prayed Subh until the sun rose. When the sun rose, he would get up. They used to talk about things that had happened during the Jaahiliyyah, and they would laugh and smile.’”
  • To be part of Rasulalah’s Du’aa & have a Barak-ful day: Also, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) asked his Lord to bless his ummah in the mornings, as is reported in the hadeeth of Sakhr al-Ghaamidi, who said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “O Allaah, bless my ummah in the mornings.’ Whenever he sent out troops or an army, he would send them at the beginning of the day.’” Sakhr was a trader, and he used to send out his caravans at the beginning of the day, and he did well as a result and made money.” (Reported by Abu Dawood, al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Maajah, with an isnaad in which there is some jahaalah (i.e., one narrator is unknown); corroborating evidence is to be found in a hadeeth narrated by ‘Ali, Ibn ‘Umar, Ibn ‘Abbaas, Ibn Mas’ood and others, may Allaah be pleased with them all.)

Salaf(R)’s Practice:

For this reason some of the salaf disliked the idea of sleeping after Fajr. Ibn Abi Shaybah reported in his Musannaf (5/222, no. 25442) with a saheeh isnaad from ‘Urwah ibn al-Zubayr that he said: “Al-Zubayr used to forbid his children to sleep in the morning.” ‘Urwah said: “I do not hear of any man who sleeps in the morning, but I lose interest in that person.”

Ideas for Post-Fajr activities

Most people start preparing for work, hit the shower, get breakfast ready and so on. This is what I would suggest:

  • if you’re tight on time: start your day with drinking a glass of water if not fasting of coursw and spare 30 minutes for yourself soon after Fajr and engage in Allah SWT’s Dhikr (recitation/review of Quraan, Adhkaar, 2 Raka’hs, special du’aas for the day and so on). Make it publicly known in your family if you have the authority to have that time to yourself.
  • if you do have time (~1 hour): finish your Adhkaar, plan a mini stretching work-out (go out for a walk if you can, 15 min. is fine for beginners) and include it with your Quraan recitation/study. If you’re done with all that, begin your daily responsibilities (start prepping for work etc.) and so on inshaa’Allah.
  • Allow yourself a nap in the afternoon. Schedule it so that you get the necessary energy boost required.
What’s in the Heart?
Make sure that if you wish to follow this, you are doing with the main intention to please Allah SWT by aiming to:
  • practise this Sunnah
  • have a Barakah-ful day due to the Yaqeen you have in the Sunnah and of course Allah SWT
  • get reward for all individual activities (quraan, nafilah salah and so on)
  • build good habits in order to have a wonderful Ramadan inshaa’Allah
  • overcome laziness which is disliked in our religion
  • become energetic for the Sake of Allah SWT
  • increase focus of mind to use it for Allah SWT
And Allah SWT knows best.
O Allah SWT! Allow us to live through this Ramadan and utilize it to gain your closeness in such a way that You are Pleased with us in all aspects of our lives! Ameen!

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