“The heart will not find complete happiness except…”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ibn Taimiyyah (R) has said:

“The heart will not find complete happiness except by loving Allah and by striving towards what is dear to Him. It is not possible to achieve this love except by rejecting all things that compete with it. This is what the words, ‘There is no god but Allah’ mean; this is the spirit of the deen of Ibrahim and of that of every other prophet.”

[Ibn Taimiyah, Majmu’ al-Fatawa, vol. 28, pp.32, Riyadh]

2 comments on ““The heart will not find complete happiness except…”

  1. SubhanAllah. Reminds me of what was said to me once..

    There will always be a battle for your heart. Your wife will want it, your mother and father will fight for it. Your friends and and all those close will demand it, and the dunya will entice it. But until you give it willing it to Allah. That is la ilaha illAllah.

    Allah knows best.

    • I read that somewhere, can’t remember where but no doubt there is only truth in the words you have shared brother. JazakAllahu khayran for sharing it here. Nobody should be in control of one’s heart except Allah SWT. Attachment that should be to Him should be dedicated to Him Alone for it brings relief & contentment whereas if that same level of attachment is made to other things/beings then it brings about unnecessary restlessness which distracts one from Allah SWT. Allah SWT tests us with things/people we love to see if we’re truthful to our claims…may Allah SWT make us among the Siddiqeen…ameen. There’s are 2 videos on this concept with the quotes attributed to Shaykhul Islam ibnu Taiymiyyah (R), you can view them here and here.
      Of course all the Prophets fulfilled the conditions of Shahadah but when I think about the statements you shared and the one in the post, Ibrahim AS stands out. A family man who loved not only his family but also his generations to come as is evident from the du’aas he made yet when it came to Allah SWT, he AS submitted completely and willingly…ready to sacrifice himself and/or his beloved family. Allahu Akbar! Can’t have enough of him AS…mind-blowing personality…and why wouldn’t it be as such for he was so close to Allah SWT….O Allah allow us to be his neighbour!!! O Allah build us all a house closest to You!!! O Allah let us and all related to us die firm on the Shahadah! O Allah let me not die as a liar! Ameen. Pls remember me & rest of the Ummah in your du’aas.
      Wasalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah.

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