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Wow! It’s almost time inshaa’Allah!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

O.M.R! Time is flying out of my hands at the speed of light subhanAllah and the dates are changing with an electrifying enthusiasm. Wow I can’t believe we’re already into July! Ramadan is almostttt here in just less than 3 weeks inshaa’Allah and I can feel the festivity of such a spiritual month when I hear about Ramadan programs scheduled to begin in a week’s time in different parts of the world. In addition, some masajid make it a point to do a bit of renovation during this time of the year, get the walls painted and get more organized. Fresh new Taraweeh Huffadz must be getting appointed by their Imams too and I’m sure they have started reviewing harder to have their Hidfz in shape by that time. It’s a good feeling that makes you look forward to something which is going to be valuable to your soul. For a believer Ramadan is the most important event of their lives and their life should circle around its preparation and its welcoming not just at a physical level (stocking the pantry) but at a spiritual level. Shaban’s arrival makes you hope upon hope that you are alive until Ramadan in best of health inshaa’Allah to live up to what Ramadan requires of you because we all know we need Ramadan again to make us feel more connected, do Tawbah and to possibly rid ourselves of many sins.

I was going through my journal for previous year’s Ramadan and the one before. It led to the discovery of a lot of inspirational realizations but inshaa’Allah I’ll share that if and when I have time.

For now, preparations are due. Alhamdolilah Shaban’s been here for over a week now and I think we should utilize it to prepare for Ramadan. Preparation is necessary before Ramadan because a lot of people struggle in the first 10 days of Ramadan getting used to the fasting and reciting and then end up being burnt out by the next 10 days which in turn lowers their productivity. If you prepare, you get a headstart right from the beginning and things are smoother plus there are lower chances of being burnt-out inshaa’Allah. And Allah SWT knows best.

Some beneficial articles worth reading as you anticipate the glorious touchdown in Ramadan:

Please include your family members in this including young children. Not by imposing things on them but by making them excited about such a beautiful month.

Ya Rabb, allow us to enter Ramadan and empower us to work for it in such a way that we become eligible for Jannatul Firdaus al ‘Ala. Not just us but our families and all our brothers & sisters in Islam. Place in us the insatiable thirst for Quraan and give us the hikmah to practice it in all its aspects as well as give it its Haqq…and make us Muslims of high determination and patience. Ameen!

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