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Alhamdolilah for all the Satisfying Encounters

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I remember reading Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Zahir’ light years ago in which I really liked some of his statements. Unfortunately I can’t recall much of what I liked in it except one quote of his which was, ‘The most satisfying encounters don’t always happen around elegant tables in nice, warm restaurants.’

SubhanAllah how true are his words.

I think the most beautiful and satisfying encounters occur in the most simplest of settings in which one’s focus is more on feelings and all the lovely things humans can share than on mere materialistic dividends. How much more amazing does it become when the month is holy, the place is holy, the atmosphere is holy and the individuals who share those moments breathe in the Name of the One to Whom Belongs everything Sacred and Holy. SubhanAllah. Light upon light!

Alhamdolilah for several satisfying encounters that Allah SWT has enriched my soul with from the beginning of this (Gregorian) year and alhamdolilah for His continuous supply of joy that He blesses my weak soul with whenever I feel weary of my own burdens. I’ve said it before and I will never tire of saying it again and again: I was poor, bankrupt and had lost everything but when I found Allah SWT, I found the treasures of this world and the answers to all my questions. Alhamdolilah. And every day it gets better – the feeling of richness, the feeling of certainty that it is only Allah SWT who is worthy of our sincerest Sujood and all forms of thanks. For who can it be except Al-‘Adheem and Al-‘Aziz who despite His Majesty comes to us running as we make the intention to walk to Him in our worn out shoes? SubhanAllah. How can anything related to Him not be satisfying? How can anything related to Him not be great in its every aspect?

Whenever you have a choice, pick that which brings you closer to Him and then wait and see how much contentment He SWT puts in that choice of yours no matter how many hardships come your way! Whether that’s choosing how to spend your next one hour or choosing a house that’s closer to the Masjid despite how hard it is. All Complete and Perfect forms of Praise and thanks are due to Allah SWT alone …

الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام وكفى بها نعمة

Ya Allah in our lives, please surround us with people who are closest to You, who glorify You sincerely, whose hearts are attached to everything that is related to You, who have most knowledge about You and who long to meet You and in whose company we are reminded to be humbly obedient to You! O Allah allow us to live and die glorifying You in the manner most pleasing to You in the place most pleasing to You.


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