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Supporting CAIR-CAN

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

As you donate elsewhere, please don’t forget to donate for organizations which fight for basic human rights for Muslims detained or otherwise. CAIR-CAN and other similar organizations which don’t get to see life of the day hardly get much coverage despite the great work they do mashaa’Allah in creating awareness and helping families when they have no where else to ask for help in official terms.



You don’t have to be Canadian to support CAIR-CAN.

You don’t have to be suffering to realize the importance of CAIR-CAN and similar organizations. Allah SWT protect us and our families from such a fate! Ameen.

Freeing the neck of the slaves and prisoners is a huge virtuous deed in our religion and standing up for justice in general is even more so. We don’t even know yet there may be 100’s of households torn apart, suffering silently…subhanAllah.

If you’re a university student, you can support by hosting seminars on your campus so that university kids are aware of all that there is to know and trust me, there’s lots for them to know. If you’re a Masjid board-member, you can do the same inshaa’Allah. And if you’re someone with a heart that cares, include this in your conversations and don’t shy away from bringing up that which Allah SWT likes, i.e. His slaves promoting justice.

You never know who needs a word of hope and comfort.

And Allah SWT is the Protector of everyone and Disposer of their affairs… and what an excellent Wakeel He SWT is!

May He protect us and our loved ones and grant us strength of Eeman so that we are able to fulfill all conditions of Shahadah with excellence. Ameen!

And Allah SWT knows best.

P.S. They do have an American branch. Please click here if you wish to support them as well inshaa’Allah. But I can’t say much about them because I haven’t been exposed to them. Sh. Yassir Fazzaga works for them.

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