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People may or may not believe it but Allah SWT is Sufficient as a Witness!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Say, “What thing is greatest in testimony?Say, “Allah is witness between me and you. And this Qur’an was revealed to me that I may warn you thereby and whomever it reaches. Do you [truly] testify that with Allah there are other deities?” Say, “I will not testify [with you].” Say, “Indeed, He is but one God, and indeed, I am free of what you associate [with Him].”

[Surat’l An’aam, 6:19; tafseer here]


But Allah bears witness to that which He has revealed to you. He has sent it down with His knowledge, and the angels bear witness [as well]. And sufficient is Allah as Witness.

[Surat an-Nisaa’, 4:166; tafseer here]


I love how Allah SWT expresses His Support to Rasulalah salalahu ‘alayhi wasalam in the above ayah and I wanted to share it during the month of Quraan before I forget. The ayah shows how beloved Rasulalah salalahu ‘alayhi wasalam must be to Allah SWT!  It is difficult to be misunderstood when you’re only trying to benefit the other party. Sometimes it is hurtful to the point of despair. Rasulalah salalahu ‘alayhi wasalam had to face it from so many people even though the message was clear and he was a man of honest character and it’s not like people didn’t know that.

There are many beautiful ayaat hidden within so many Surahs which reinforce that Allah SWT is Sufficient. Of course He is now, isn’t He? As a Witness for all the Truth that’s out there for who could be more truthful than Allah SWT in His Statements and Actions? Who cares about the world? Who cares whether despite knowledge reaching them, they deny? Nothing to worry about because Allah SWT knows and He is Sufficient as a Witness for the Revelation!

Ayaat like these make you love Allah SWT even more that He SWT is so Merciful in His Care such that He gives the right kind of psychological support to His Messengers and inshaa’Allah to all His Slaves whenever they need it the most. If we remember that Allah SWT does give all kinds of support to His Slaves, nothing in the world can pull us down because we’d know that the only way to get that psychological support is through the Quraan or calling onto Him.

Alhamdolilah for such an amazing Rabb and alhamdolilah for Him taking the responsibility of preserving the Quraan so that we can understand Him better! How would our lives be without it?

And Allah SWT knows best.

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