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Interview of Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan [Urdu]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

|Part 1| Part 2| – woman in the video.

Ustadh Nouman is a 21st century role model for any young Talibul ‘ilm wannabe. He has been a major inspiration in my univ. years and just by listening to him revives the energy within me to learn with focus. Through Allah SWT’s Hidaya of showing us his example, I have learned that life will continue and learning should continue too. It must never stall come what may and you don’t need ‘support’ or special opportunities if Allah SWT’s on your side. Learning can happen anywhere, anytime and in any circumstance. If you have the desire, you’ll work for it no matter what happens. You’ll be willing to jump all the hoops. And if you work, Taufeeq will come. May Allah SWT make it possible for all of us to learn from him LIVE and may He SWT make us of those who serve the Quraan in the manner most pleasing to Him and heavy on our scale of good deeds. Ameen!

Absolutely LOVE his ideas for new projects (documentaries, curricula etc.) mashaa’Allah and I pray I can be a means of any aid for him in his work soon! Ameen!

Become a subscriber and encourage others to support the cause inshaa’Allah: |Bayyinah TV|

Request: Please remember Ustadh Nouman, his family in your du’aas and also all your teachers and those individuals who’ve inspired you to study Islam in any way or form inshaa’Allah.

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