Understanding Rida (contentment) with Qadr

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Ibn Rajab (R) in Jami’ al-‘Ulum wa-l-Hikam [1/239] said,

‘Rida is recommended whereas Sabr is obligatory, from Sabr ensues a great deal of good. The difference between Rida and Sabr is that Sabr is to restrain one’s soul from feeling and displaying displeasure or malcontent coupled with sensing the pain of what has befallen him and the desire to see it removed; Rida is the expansion of the heart to what has befallen it, its total acceptance of the divine decree and its not desiring to see it removed. Even though one may feel pain, Rida lessens that pain because of the certainty (yaqeen) and cognizance (ma’rifah) that has taken root in the heart. As the state of Rida strengthens it is even possible that the person no longer feels the pain at all.’


Al Bayhaqi (R) [#209] records that Ibn Mas’ud radiAllahu ‘anhu said, 

‘Rida is that you do not please people at the expense of the displeasure of Allah; that you do not praise anyone for the provision Allah has granted you; and that you do not blame anyone for that which Allah has not given you. The grant of provision is not dictated by the desire of the person and neither is it withheld because of the dislike of another. It is Allah, through His Knowledge and justice, who has placed relief and joy in certainty and Rida and places worry and despair in doubt and malcontent.’


Source: Trials and Tribulations – Wisdom & Benefits’ by al-Imam al-‘Izz bin ‘Abdis-Salam, pp.23-24


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  1. Yay you’re back, alhamdulillah!! :)
    Missed you lots

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