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MuHHib al ‘Ilm vs. Taalib al ‘Ilm

“Two people can never have enough: taalib ad-dunia (the seeker of this world – chases desires) and taalib al-‘ilm (the seeker of islamic knowlege). Taalib al-‘ilm is different from muHHib al ‘ilm and 90% of the people fall in the second category. While muHHib al ‘ilm is the one who loves knowledge, enjoys listening to it and perhaps if he dies in a halaqah he will  be resurrected among the pious ; there’s a difference. A student of knowledge (taalibul ‘ilm) not only just loves knowledge but also studies consistently, reviews regularly and never gives up. For him doing all that has become part of his life just like food.”

-Sh. Abu Adnan

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