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‘Amr b. Taghlib RA & The Honorable Ayah



If only they had been satisfied with what Allah and His Messenger gave them and said, “Sufficient for us is Allah ; Allah will give us of His bounty, and [so will] His Messenger; indeed, we are desirous toward Allah ,” [it would have been better for them].

[Surat at-Tawbah, 9:59]


Often times, those who work for the Deen do not earn as much as those who solely work for the dunia. Of those who work for the Deen, there are also some quiet individuals who keep working but don’t get any compensation. Everyone knows that they’ll get their job done and everyone knows that these individuals are special people who don’t complain because they are happy whatever Allah SWT has given them of work and compensation. They truly are satisfied with Allah SWT’s Promises.

This ayah touched me because it is truly those who are content with Allah SWT and His Messenger who actually hope from Allah SWT for everything. Why? Because they have this strong yaqeen that Allah SWT will not desert them. That He SWT will definitely enrich them.

In this ayah is inspiration for those striving to be amongst the best inshaa’Allah. I would suggest memorizing the response of such individuals and use it to remind yourselves whenever in such a situation. There’s a beautiful narration (actually two) which I wanted to share about a Sahabi, followed by some great words of Imam ibn Katheer (R). I hope you find them as enriching  as I do inshaa’Allah. Please notice how the Sahabi responds to Rasulalah salalahu ‘alayhi wasalam’s statement!


Goodness/Contentment in the Heart of ‘Amr bin Taghlib RA

Narrated Al-Hasan: ‘Amr bin Taghlib said,

“Some property was given to the Prophet and he gave it to some people and withheld it from some others. Then he came to know that they (the latter) were dissatisfied.

So the Prophet said, ‘I give to one man and leave (do not give) another, and the one to whom I do not give is dearer to me than the one to whom I give. I give to some people because of the impatience and discontent present in their hearts, and leave other people because of the content and goodness Allah has bestowed on them, and one of them is ‘Amr bin Taghlib.”

‘Amr bin Taghlib said, “The sentence which Allah’s Apostle said in my favor is dearer to me than the possession of nice red camels.”

[Sahih al Bukhari; Book #93, Hadith #626]


In another narration

Narrated ‘Amr bin Taghlib:

Allah’s Apostle gave (gifts) to some people to the exclusion of some others. The latter seemed to be displeased by that. The Prophet said, “I give to some people, lest they should deviate from True Faith or lose patience, while I refer other people to the goodness and contentment which Allah has put in their hearts, and ‘Amr bin Taghlib is amongst them.” ‘

Amr bin Taghlib said, “The statement of Allah’s Apostle is dearer to me than red camels.”

Narrated Al-Hasan: ‘Amr bin Taghlib told us that Allah’s Apostle got some property or some war prisoners and he distributed them in the above way (i.e. giving to some people to the exclusion of others) .

[Sahih al Bukhari; Book #53, Hadith #373]


Gracious Conduct & Honorable Secret

This honorable Ayah contains a gracious type of conduct and an honorable secret.

Allah listed; contentment with what He and His Messenger give, trusting in Allah alone – by saying;

وَقَالُواْ حَسْبُنَا اللَّهُ

 ‘and they had said: Allah is sufficient for us’,

and hoping in Allah alone, and He made these the indications of obedience to the Messenger , adhering to his commands, avoiding his prohibitions, believing his narrations and following his footsteps.

Source: Tafseer ibn Katheer


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