Attn: Muslim-Wife Series on New Blog

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمد لله رب العالمين وصلى الله وسلم على رسول الله وعلى آله وأصحابه ومن اهتدى بهديه إلى يوم الدين

pink roses

Asalamo’alaykum warahmatullah,

Quick Announcement: Alhamdolilah I have begun a new series of posts on the possible ways of becoming a more God-fearing Muslim wife on my new women-only blog. Some people know how to be a ‘good’ wife but it is very different from being a God-fearing wife (having Taqwa). Details will follow up in my upcoming posts there. Should you be interested or know any sisters who are as well, please follow these directions so that you are notified of the blog posts in future inshaa’Allah. As mentioned before, in addition to being a sister, you will require special access to that blog because it has been marked ‘private’. If for some odd reason you have still not been added despite your request, please let me know again inshaa’Allah.

JazakummAllahu khayran,

-Umm S.


2 comments on “Attn: Muslim-Wife Series on New Blog

  1. Asalamualaykum, i actually still havent gained access :)

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