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“My Dear Ramadan Stay-at-Home Mom, I Salute You!”

My dear Ramadan stay-at-home mom, I know how much pain it causes you to stay behind at home, taking care of your children while everybody else is enjoying their ṣalāt and tarāwīḥ at the masjid. I know how embarrassing it is for you to come to the masjid with a great hope to be welcomed; […]

2014’s Online Ramadan Platter: Events, Programs, Daily Reminders & More!

Bismillah: Asalamo’alaykum warahmatullah, Inshaa’Allah Ramadan is just close to 4 hours away where I live! Are you all ready for it? Even if you’re not, there are many things available online which can help achieve excellence in our ‘ibadat this Ramadan inshaa’Allah. I’ve compiled a small list of programs, events and resources which will make […]

A 21st Century Role Model: Professor Hafiza Qaria Rubina

Popularizing recitation of Qur’an JEDDAH: Professor Hafiza Qaria Rubina, winner of over 400 awards and the first woman to bag the prestigious President Award for Pride of Performance in Qirat, is single-minded in her purpose. That is to popularize recitation of the Holy Qur’an among women in Pakistan. A professor at the Government Islamia College […]

Celebrate the Month of Quraan with this Book!| 40 Hadith on the Quraan| PDF|

Bismillah: Asalamo’alaykum warahmatullah, A beautiful book that makes me happy and inspires me to cherish the Quraan more: 40 Hadith on the Quraan by the Quran Project   Download here. This is just in time to be able to celebrate the month of Quraan with more enthusiasm inshaa’Allah. I think it is a good book […]

Ramadan Prep 2014 as a Struggling Muslimah

Bismillah: Asalamo’alaykum warahmatullah, Ramadan’s almosttt here inshaa’Allah and I can feel the excitement and the motivation to reach newer heights coming back within me mashaa’Allah. Ramadan is a time of setting new goals for me and basically re-evaluate where I’m at which unfortunately I haven’t been getting the chance to do for quite some while. […]