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2 Fantastic Last Minute Resources (mashaa’Allah)


Asalamo’alaykum warahmatullah,

This is going to be a quick one.

For those of you not doing ‘Itikaaf and are still deciding to use computer in the last few days, here are two resources I really enjoyed and I believe they must be promoted.

1) ‘Itikaaf with Dr. Akram Nadwi – spectacular mental attitude and very refreshing as usual mashaa’Allah. Something you can use to refresh your mind as you take break between your other ‘Ibadaat. He’s covering the life stories of the Sahaba (RA) with commentary and beautiful gems. For me it was a lifeline subhanAllah. Click here to see the videos and also join in LIVE when it’s streamed.

2) Ramadan with Quran by Aarij Anwer – I only got the chance to listen to Juzz # 25 and mashaa’Allah amazing insights. I enjoyed it a lot and learned from it immensely. In fact, I finally used my knowledge of Genetics to think about ayaat which made me feel that my degree was useful. Regret not following the series earlier but I didn’t have opportunity any way. However, will be watching the videos after Ramadan too. Mashaa’Allah.

RECORDED: |Videos | Audio |

LIVE: |Youtube|


  • I’d like to mention that I do not know about this brother except that he did a Bachelors degree at MEDIU. For me that is inspirational because it shows one can go far by studying online too inshaa’Allah. I have a long way to go (which has become much longer ever since I had a baby mashaa’Allah) but I hope to study at MEDIU soon inshaa’Allah. I’m sure him and many students of MEDIU have a solid Arabic/Quraan background but nevertheless this brother is a good example of how you can utilize whatever you have inshaa’Allah.

All the best for what’s left inshaa’Allah!



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