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The Silent Empty Cup



As a woman with the heaviness of responsibilities, she sighs. She sighs when putting the kettle on. She sighs, lest her tears make way into her eyes. She sighs for that is what she can only do sometimes to comfort the burden her body carries. Islam has given a woman several rights but if only the institutions catered to a Muslim woman’s spiritual, intellectual and physical need. Needs which are often neglected under the guise of ‘Islam’ but that is a different topic altogether.

As a wife, you are expected to take on everything and wince not once, silently, daily. As a mother of one, two or more: you are expected to show up at every second of the day to your children’s needs. Almost all of the time, alone. Alone, so very alone.

The weeks crash onto numerous months and you try hard but giving all the time, withers your spirit.It especially withers away the spirit of those souls which feel too much, want to love with all their heart and yet, want sometimes the trickle of pure genuine free-love into their always-empty cup. She keeps pouring into others’ cups but her cup, well, is only hers to see. Maybe it does not even exist for others.

It is important to sometimes, just sometimes, let the pile of dishes and the unfolded laundry peacefully watch you attend to yourself. For once, bask in the Magnificence of His Beautiful Names and Attributes as it lifts away your burdens. As a woman, you matter to Allah swt and while you may have endless tasks, He swt created you so that you can live to enjoy being His Slave. Your cup may not exist to the creations but it does exist to Allah swt so fill it with learning about Him.

As you teach your little ones His Oneness, do not forget, He swt truly is the One from whom we should expect. Expect warmth from Him. Expect consolation from Him alone. Expect appreciation from Him. Let Him take your hand and lead to the Threshold where you can rest your head. Where you can rest your soul and cry your heart out. Let Him wash your heart with His Tawakul.

Things will change inshaa’Allah.

And finally, keep working hard, expecting reward from Him, purifying your intention all the time. What He swt has saved for His female slaves of reward for the rigorousness of mothering is something no male servant will get. Convert your weak moments into strengthening moments by making duaa to Him and asking Him to unveil the beauty of His Names and Attributes to you. Seek knowledge not through your ‘free’ time but rather through your Rabb for He swt does not need asbaab to gift you something divine. Allah swt surely gifts to a seeking heart.

O Allah swt, make us eligible for raising a generation beloved to You. Bless us with hikmah to keep on creating warmth in our homes in which Your Praise is celebrated. And let not our good deeds go to waste by the recklessness of our tongue, stinginess of our hearts and lack of patience of our souls. O Allah swt, bless us with the rizq of beneficial knowledge. Fill our empty cups with your love and free us from the dependency on your creations. Ameen!


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