Unlock Doors to All You Seek


Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,


There’s a beautiful 10-day online course going on which revolves around the concept of Tawbah (repentance). They are covering an Arabic book (pdf here) on this topic and the course’s further details can be found here. I believe only 5 days are left for the course to finish but you can still join in as a listener like me (for free).

The subtopic that was covered recently was the sayings of the salaf about tawbah and of course, each one of them were gems. However, there was one in particular that touched my heart and I would like to keep reviewing it is this one:


The gist of the above quote is:

Ahmad ibn Aasim Al-Antaki said:

This is a cool treasure (meaning that this a prized treasure or can be equivalent to the expression of ‘this is cool’) in that it(tawbah) rectifies that which is left (of one’s future) and forgives for you in what has passed.

What struck me as beautiful in this quote is that tawbah not only takes care of your past but also your future. It could be very possible that a single accepted act of tawbah could perhaps attract many opportunities of good deeds. You could suddenly find yourself going on a Hajj when in the past it almost seemed impossible. You may feel that you are able to wake up for Tahajjud or forgive people easily at the level of Ihsaan etc. Tawbah is such a key that could open up gigantic locked doors of khayr (goodness) which you  had been making duaa for ages. The important thing is to constantly return to seeking forgiveness from Allah swt no matter how big or small your mistake is. Why? Because you would otherwise miss out on so much goodness. Tawbah has been seen to solve major problems. Tawbah can relieve physical ailments. And if Allah swt wills, Tawbah can help you like how Yunus AS was helped or Adam AS was helped and so on. It was how the Prophets sought help and I believe firmly it is the only means to salvation in both worlds.

So, with a pile of problems already surrounding you, make Istighfaar a daily ritual in which you beseech Allah swt with all your heart inshaa’Allah. Please start right now!

May Allah swt ease our burdens and make us joyful Mo’mineen. Ameen.

Wasalamu ‘alaykum warahmatullah,

-Umm Ibraheem



3 comments on “Unlock Doors to All You Seek

  1. Beautiful, sis, Jazakumullahu Khairan for sharing such beautiful gems. <3

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