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Unappreciated Much: Surat’l Fatihah’s Forgotten Value


Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

Have you fallen in love with Surat’l Fatihah yet?

Do you recite it often outside of Salah?

Does your heart sing when you reflect over it?

Surat’l Fatihah is a Surah which is so under appreciated. We lack realization of its beautiful virtues and the treasures contained within it. On top of that we complain of our problems and confusion. We try to look for solutions/remedies everywhere except the Quraan! SubhanAllah. Most of us know Surat’l Fatihah but do we know how to use it in our affairs?

Check this out (something immensely beautiful I stumbled upon which will make you love Surat’l Fatihah):

:قال ابن القيم رحمه الله

 فاتحة الكتاب وأم القرآن والسبع المثاني والشفاء التام والدواء النافع والرقية التامة ومفتاح الغنى والفلاح وحافظة القوة ودافعة الهم والغم والخوف والحزن لمن عرف مقدارها وأعطاها حقها وأحسن تنزيلها على دائه وعرف وجه الاستشفاء والتداوي بها والسر الذي لأجله كانت كذلك

ولما وقع بعض الصحابة على ذلك رقى بها اللديغ فبرأ لوقته ، فقال له النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم :  وما أدراك أنها رقية

ومن ساعده التوفيق وأُعِين بنور البصيرة حتى وقف على أسرار هذه السورة وما اشتملت عليه من التوحيد ، ومعرفة الذات والأسماء والصفات والأفعال ، وإثبات الشرع والقدر والمعاد ، وتجريد توحيد الربوبية والإلهية ، وكمال التوكل والتفويض إلى من له الأمر كله وله الحمد كله وبيده الخير كله وإليه يرجع الأمر كله ، والافتقار إليه في طلب الهداية التي هي أصل سعادة الدارين ، وعلم ارتباط معانيها بجلب مصالحهما ودفع مفاسدهما ، وأن العاقبة المطلقة التامة والنعمة الكاملة منوطة بها موقوفة على التحقق بها ؛ أغنته عن كثير من الأدوية والرقى ، واستفتح بها من الخير أبوابه ، ودفع بها من الشر أسبابه  .قال وهذا أمر يحتاج إلى استحداث فطرة أخرى وعقل آخر وإيمان انتهى .

[ (زاد المعاد  (4/318 ]


In his book, Zad al-Ma’ad, the Hanbali scholar, Imam ibn al-Qayyim (R) wrote on the virtues of Surah al-Fatihah:

“(It is the) opening of the Book, The Mother of the Qur’an, the Seven Oft-Repeated Verses, the Complete Cure, the Beneficial Medicine, the Complete Ruqyah, the Key to Wealth and Success, Protector of one’s Strength and Defender from(or Reliever of) Distress, Grief, Fear (of future) and Sorrow (of past), are (benefits) only actualized for a person who realizes its value, gives it its due right, is aware of the manner of its application for illness and seeking its treatment and knows the secret of its potency.

When some of the companions realized these secrets, one of them read it over a person who was stung by a scorpion and he immediately recovered.  The Prophet asked them, ‘How did you know that it is a cure?’

A person who is granted Divine help (tawfeeq) and is helped through the light of insight (baseerah) will understand the mysteries of this surah and what it comprises.  It affirms monotheism; ma’rifah (cognizance) of His Essence, His Names, Attributes, and Actions; establishes religious law; Decree, and includes an acknowledgment of His Ruboobiyah and Uloohiyah; complete reliance on Allah (s.w.t.) and the relegation of all affairs to Him, the Disposer of All Affairs to Whom Belongs all praise and all that is good; professes our seeking out for His Help in Guiding us which is the essence of happiness both in this life and in the next. Knowing the relevancy of its meanings to the fulfillment of our interests and for warding off evils of this world and the next; and knowing that the prosperous and perfect outcome of our lives and blessings are contingent upon following its meanings.  This surah is a remedy for the ailments of mind and spirit, opens up the doors to all goodness and wards off evil.  To realize this, a person must develop a sublime disposition and the faculty of reflection and must foster his faith.”



So if you ever feel lonely, distressed, weak physically or spiritually, going crazy as a mother (like me most times), fearful, tired, ill or chronically ill, financially unstable, wanting to learn but having a weak memory, having trouble in marriage etc., and so on…then take deep breaths and recite Surat’l Fatihah with all your heart, seeking cure from Him inshaa’Allah. If Allah swt sent us to this world with problems then He didn’t send us without solutions. Please don’t ever forget that!

And one more thing: if you approach Allah swt’s Word with love, you will feel the warm fuzzy happiness Allah swt gives you through it and what you will have with you is the Quraan as your best friend in this world and in your grave.

Make Surat’l Fatihah your new constant companion inshaa’Allah.

May Allah swt make us from the People of Quraan. Ameen.

Many du’aas,

Umm Ibraheem



One comment on “Unappreciated Much: Surat’l Fatihah’s Forgotten Value

  1. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu hope you well dear sis. Jazakillah Khair for this much needed and beautiful reminder.

    Glad to see you back on here have been regularly checking for new posts.

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