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Gems Series from Imam ibn Al Qayyim (R)’s Book: Ad Daa-aa wad Dawaa

Bismillah: Asalamoalaykum warahmatullah,

The tazkiyah course that I had mentioned in my previous post is being delivered on one of the most beautiful books of Imam ibn al Qayyim Jowziyah (R)’s. It is called ‘ Ad-Daa-aa wad Dawaa: Al Jawaab al Kaafi Lee munn Saa-‘ala ‘Ann ad-Dawaa ash-Shaafi’ or The Ilness and the Medicine: A Sufficient Answer for the Ones who Sought Answers to the Healing Medicine. It can be also called as ‘Ad-Dawaa ash Shaafi’. Basically it is a whole treatise on the illnesses of the hearts and how to cure them.

It’s being taught in Urdu from the Urdu translated version of the book.

I thought I might share a few thought provoking gems in my blog posts. :)


Gem # 1

DS 1

DS 1bDS 1c

(Note: the words used display an imagery of duaa and difficulties dueling with each other)

A believer’s duaa has three levels at the time of difficulties and trials;

First (level):  Duaa is extremely strong and vicious against the Difficulty. Such a Duaa obliterates Difficulty and removes it completely.

Second (level): Duaa is weak compared to the Difficulty. In such a situation, Difficulty becomes stronger and a person is put in a position to tolerate Difficulty unecessarily. However, it is important to (notice) that no matter how weak Duaa is, it does make the impact of Difficulty lighter.

Third (level): Duaa and Difficulty are of equal power and they both fight against each other  like how it has been narrated from ‘Aisha RA that Prophet salalahu ‘alayhi wasalam has said:

‘It is not possible to escape from destiny. Duaa is effective in a situation of trial that one is currently going through as well as effective against a trial that is about to come. When a trial descends, duaa fights against it (such that) duaa and trial keep battling against each other until the Day of Judgement.’

[Dawaa ash Shaafi, ch. 1. pp. 33-34, translated version]

I want us to reflect regarding this.

We must not feel helpless no matter how strong the trial. Our duaas matter no matter how weak they are. Even the weakest of duaa helps bring relief. However, we must work on making our duaas strong. How do we make them strong? We have ample tips from the Quraan and Sunnah. The most important being: one’s proper focus.

So inshaa’Allah, don’t stop making duaas. They are like our weapons which will keep fighting against a calamity. A calamity which was destined to hit us but perhaps Allah swt has also destined for us to be saved from calamities only when we make duaa to be protected against them. Isn’t that an interesting thought?

I hope that you keep the gem I shared in your head the next time your resolve to make duaa weakens. We don’t know how many soldiers of Allah swt even our weakest of duaa conjures! :)

May Allah swt protect us all from the evils of our nafs and evils around us. Ameen!

Inshaa’Allah will continue posting whatever I learn from this course.

Many duaas,

Umm Ibraheem


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